Everyone wants their new puppy to be well adjusted and healthy. This is why finding the right breeder matters and it is important and in your best interest to know where your new puppy is coming from.  After all, it will be yours for the rest of its life. A Healthy Puppy

Websites that sell hundreds and even thousands of puppies in one location are called puppy broker websites. They are basically brokers for breeders and puppy mills. These sites provide a beautiful template and lots of web traffic for the breeders, making it easy for literally anyone to sell puppies online.

They either make money off of the sale of each puppy by charging the breeder a monthly fee to use their website and template or they take a large commission from each puppy sold using their services. Most of them make misleading statements saying they do not like, endorse or use substandard dog breeders, but they are not held to this claim.